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The inauguration


After two years of meetings, conferences, gathering endorsements, as well as developing an international petition by mail and by Internet, a positive outcome was reached. The International Council of Auschwitz reviewed its prior decisions and agreed to add a plaque in the Judeo-Spanish language.
The ceremony of the inauguration will take place on March 24, 2003.


Traveling to Auschwitz for the Sephardic Memorial and Plaque Dedication

The Foundation for the Advancement of Sephardic Studies was chosen by JEAA to promote and coordinate travel arrangements from the US to Auschwitz for the ceremony for the dedication of the plaque in Judeo-Spanish, on March 24, 2003.


- The inauguration ceremony will start at 1600 hrs.
- Rabbi Daniel Farhi will give the mourning prayers.
Sermon delivered by Rabbi Daniel Farhi
on Yom HaShoa 5752 (April 30, 1992)
- Flory Jagoda will travel especially from Washington D. C. and will sing the traditional song "arvoles yoran por luvias".
(format MP3) singer Judy Frankel (4,4Mo)
- Many Polish officials, diplomatic representatives from many countries will be present as well as international personalities..

- Price : New York - Krakow Poland Roundtrip Air : $575.00 (taxes and fees all included)

19 march

Depart 2245 New Jersey [Newark] (flight16)
Arrive 1310 Warsaw
(50 minutes stop over)
Depart1400 Warsaw (Flight 3913)
Arrive Krakow 1450

25 march

Depart 1035 Krakow (Flight 3902)
Arrive 1135 Warsaw
(One hour 15 minutes stop over)
Depart 1250 Warsaw
Arrive 1625 New York (Flight 6) [JFK]


Staying at Novotel Centrum Krakow with which we have negotiated very good prices with. Novotel Krakow Centrum is located in the city center- close to Wawel castle and the old town -10 minutes walk.

Ul. Kosciuszki, 30
Krakow 31105
Polonia Tel: +48 1229-92900

2 persons
1 person
1 night
80.00 €
65.00 €
2 nights
140.00 €
120.00 €
3 nights
200.00 €
170.00 €
4 nights
240.00 €
208.00 €
5 nights
280.00 €
240.00 €

The travel agent arranging this trip is Mrs. Sharon Whalen of Fly Float Travel ( She can be reached at Email: Voice: 800-256-6228 x03 OR 407-281-0824
Custom travel arrangements can be made at no additional fee. Call early, prices subject to change.

To get more detailed information about the program of the day, or about this trip, please visit this site :

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We are currently raising funds for the financing of the new Judeo-Spanish plaque.
As well as helping us, your participation to this financing makes you being part of an historical recognition.

If you want to personally contribute to the creation of the new Judeo-Spanish plaque,
please click on the "DONATION" button below and read more about it:



Judeo-Spanish at Auschwitz - Le judéo-espagnol à Auschwitz - El Judeo-español en Auschwitz