In addition to comments left on our internet site, JEAA has received several written testimonials of support from various institutions and personalities worldwide in favor of the initiative for an additional plaque in Judeo-Spanish.

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Marc Angel, rabbi of a Sephardic Congregation founded in 1654, New York, USA (language : English)

Amicale des Anciens Déportés de Buna-Monowitz-Auschwitz III et ses Kommandos (langue : français)

AMIA, Communidad Judia de Buenos Aires (lengua : español)

Aron Rodrigue, professor of history, Stanford University, USA (language : English)

James Carroll, writer, USA (language : English)

L'Arche, le mensuel du judaisme français (langue : français)

Voice of the turtle, Judeo-Spanish music quartet (language : English)

American Sephardi Federation - South Florida Chapter, (language : English)

Yad Vashem - France, association pour la mémoire et l'enseignement de la Shoah (langue : français)

Los Muestros, la voix des Sépharades (langue : français)

Chalom, Centro comunitario, Buenos Aires (lengua : español)

The Workmen Circle, (language : English)

ARCSI, Asociación de Relaciones Culturales Segovia-Israel (lengua : español)

UEJF, Union des Etudiants Juifs de France (langue : français)

CIDICSEF, Centro de Investigation y Difusion de la Cultura Sefardi, Buenos Aires (lengua : español)

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We are currently raising funds for the financing of the new Judeo-Spanish plaque.
As well as helping us, your participation to this financing makes you being part of an historical recognition.

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Judeo-Spanish at Auschwitz - Le judéo-espagnol à Auschwitz - El Judeo-español en Auschwitz